Berlin Institute for Safety and Security Research

The Berlin Institute for Safety and Security Research was founded in 2013 by university lecturers from the Department of Police and Security Management at HWR Berlin.

The Berlin Institute for Safety and Security Research (Forschungsinstitut für öffentliche und private Sicherheit – FÖPS Berlin) drawing together resources in the field of safety and security research. The complexity of the subject is reflected in the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character of the institute. The consolidation of professional expertise on police, law, criminology, social sciences and psychology is the institute’s central attribute in the context of public and private security and safety research. Through networking with other faculties and research institutes, the FÖPS Berlin also has professional knowledge of business management, economics, and computer sciences at its disposal.

The members of FÖPS Berlin are working on a broad range of issues concerning public and private security from both a national and international perspective, conducting a variety of research projects in this field. The members also publish widely and in a broad variety of contexts on the relevant topics.
While the field of public safety primarily focuses on legal conditions and frameworks of police work, private safety research deals mainly with protection and with crisis and disaster management for critical infrastructure, and the safety of companies and private persons.
The following pages will give you a brief introduction to FÖPS Berlin and its members, as well as an overview of current projects. If you are interested in our work, would like to attend one of the planned events, or are interested in a cooperative project, please feel free to contact us.