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Insights 9/11 – 21 years on: Have we learned the lessons?

with Mr. David Harell Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 5 pm Participation on site (at HWR Berlin, Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315 Berlin House 6A, Room 008) or online via BigBlueButton


Portrait Harell

With over 40 years of experience in anti-terrorism, protective security, and risk management around the world in both the public and private sectors, David Harells presentation provide hard facts from the field embedded into a message of continuous improvement and applied lessons learned. The presentation begins with a brief recap of the events with an emphasis on the significant impacts on the different sectors. We will also examine the planning process and hostile reconnaissance required. We will analyze and discuss the nature of the failure of intelligence services to thwart the plot or to adequately warn the industry. We will delve into the aviation security system’s inability to prevent or even mitigate the threat. 

We will also discuss emergency preparedness following the 1993 WTC bombing and how this dramatically influenced the outcome and number of casualties at the WTC. We will review how aviation security has fared since 9/11 and what lessons need to be learned. We will conclude with how academic research can contribute to the need improve our security performance.   

After a long and distinguished government career and 14 years as a CEO for a leading HLS consultancy David today focuses mainly on teaching but still consults for several entities including NATO’s COE-DAT.

Lecture and discussion will take place in English. An event organized by the Research Institute for Public and Private Security (FÖPS Berlin), HWR Berlin.

Participation online

No registration is required for online participation. The event will be broadcast by the BigBlueButton video conference server of the HWR Berlin. You can participate via the following link: No passwords/codes are required to participate. The meeting room will open 30 minutes before the event starts. To participate in the chat / discussion, we recommend that you access the link via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge – other browsers may have restrictions.

Participation on site

The event will take place at the Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR Berlin, Alt Friedrichsfelde 60 in House 6A Room 008 (first floor). You are welcome to participate in this workshop discussion on site. For organizational reasons, we ask you to register informally in advance by eMail to 
The best way to reach us is via the following public transport connections: Bus 108/194 (Bildungs- und Verwaltungszentrum), Bus 192 (Alt-Friedrichsfelde), U5 (Friedrichsfelde), S5/S7/S75 (Friedrichsfelde Ost) and Tram-Lines M17 / 27 (Alt-Friedrichsfelde/Rhinstraße).

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